Monday, December 14, 2015

Mens' reasons

katee owensIn 2008, US strip clubs brought in an estimated $2 billion, with over 300,000 women employed at around 3,000 clubs. By 2010, the number of clubs had grown to an estimated 4,000.
katee owens

The Complete and Total Loser has never been to one, but he can see their appeal. Or his version of it. Look at this girl he saw on YouTube. Her name is Katee Owens. Her breasts are DDD in size, and natural. The Loser dislikes large breasts, but he can't stop looking at this girl, here dancing to "Radar Love." Why? Because she's smiling as if she likes whomever is looking at her, in this case the Loser, and her smile looks real. No woman has ever smiled like that at the Loser, ever, not even once.  

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