Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas cookies
The Loser got these an hour ago. They're gone now. He ate them to try to fill a hole in his miserable, lonely life.
It is warm and sticky where the Complete and Total Loser lives, which is on the northern East Coast of the United States. It has yet to go down to freezing. There are bugs everywhere, new growth on plants. Earthworms are rioting in the streets after yet more rain. The humidity makes the Loser feel the bacteria clinging to his face, which is oily even though he's in late middle age. His sole gift has been a tin of nuts from a friend, and he's grateful to get it as he's unemployed again. A neighbor just gave him cookies, which he will eat even though he doesn't need them. Meanwhile, the Loser has a splitting headache and a bad cold and he's exhausted.

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