Friday, November 13, 2015


Two days ago, the Complete and Total Loser met with two friends and, among other things, had a drink and shared a plate of nachos with them. 
At one point, during a lull in the conversation, the Loser said, brightly, "I saw The Martian." 
Neither of his friends responded to this or acknowledged in any way that they'd heard him, which they had, they later confirmed. Instead, one brought up a different topic and they talked about that. 
This is typical for the Loser
Matt Damon the Martian
Matt Damon waits for rescue in The Martian.

Saying things more forcefully or louder doesn't help; people just regard the Loser as angry or troubled. There is something about the Loser's personality that often renders him invisible in social situations. He's used to it to such a degree that at times he continues conversations he's started with himself, filling in others' parts. This amuses him, but eventually, they notice this and ask the Loser what the hell is wrong with him.
A positive aspect of being invisible, the Loser has decided, is that it will one day make his death a smooth transition.

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