Thursday, September 3, 2015

The dog in the house

The Complete and Total Loser has the dog again. She's spent over a month with him since the beginning of the year and has developed a routine. There are specific places she goes to in the back yard, often in a set order. 
apple in crock of tree welsh corgi in background
An apple sits in the crock of a tree while a Welsh Corgi explores a lawn.

When first out she heads for a corner of the house that has something living behind the siding. Mice, the Loser guesses. She sits and sniffs for awhile and sometimes follows a scent train through the pachysandra. When she gives up, she goes elsewhere. The Loser keeps an eye on her to keep her from rolling in deer scat. (He's already given her an extra bath for this.) Being a Corgi, she's short and often gets lost behind things. The Loser's greatest fear is of her running off and getting lost. He watches her closely. 

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  1. Few feelings are worse than those which come from lost pets, old salt!