Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Netflix girl

Netflix's log-in page has been using the image here for an unusually long time. The Complete and Total Loser thinks the girl in it looks a little like Heather Graham, the actress, but Heather Graham if she had teeth like real people. The Loser likes Heather Graham so it doesn't bother him. 
Heather Graham
Heather Graham

What does bother him a little is a closer look at this photo. The girl is sitting on a nice couch in a nice room. The houseplants are healthy, there's a wholesome beverage and snacks on the table. The walls are made of wood, not wood paneling. She's wearing comfortable clothes that suggest an environment with a moderate temperature. She is possibly barefoot. 
She is, however, alone, watching a movie on a tiny screen. True, she might be watching a half-hour television show. That would make more sense. But still, does anyone really watch such things at home on a screen they're holding in their hands? If you're on a train or in a waiting room of some kind, yes. But in your house or apartment? 
Are we to learn from this that Netflix can assuage the agony of being alone, left on the shelf because although you look a little like Heather Graham you're not quite her and have been rejected because of it?
netflix log-in page woman on couch
A female Netflix subscriber watches a show or movie on a handheld device while sitting on a couch.

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  1. Smashing looking birds, both of them!