Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wanda Sykes

A friend and ex-coworker bought lunch for the Complete and Total Loser earlier today as a birthday present. His birthday was two days ago. Afterward, the two shopped at a Trader Joe's near the friend's house. The music playing over the store's spearkers was by a female vocalist the Loser didn't know. 
"Wanda Sykes," the Loser's friend said.
This puzzled the Loser because he hadn't asked and he didn't think Wanda Sykes sang. 
wanda sykes
Wanda Sykes lives in Los Angeles and Media, Pa.

"Huh?" he said, always quick with an intelligent question. 
"It's Wanda Sykes," the Loser's friend said. "Over there."
The Loser followed his friend's gaze and there, indeed, was the actor and comedian Wanda Sykes, alone, pushing a grocery cart, shopping. 
The Loser likes Sykes. She stays black but funny. He looked up her Wikipedia entry and, as is true with many actors you look up, was surprised by how extensive her background is. 
Why she lives part of her time in Media, Pa., when not living in Los Angeles is beyond him. She has no doubt explained her reasons someplace but the Loser is not so crazy about her that he'll do the research to learn them.

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  1. A most fascinating woman, that Wanda Sykes, dear chap!