Friday, March 27, 2015

An unreported quote

In 2002 the Complete and Total Loser worked in a branch of a major news agency. Some months after September 11 of the previous year, there was a
Andreas Lubitz
Andreas Lubitz
minor incident at the international airport in the Loser's home city. A pilot, angry at the then overly stringent, since relaxed, rules about what you can take on airplanes, was angry at having an object that meant something to him confiscated by airport security.

The story that ran said he had said something threatening and been taken into custody because of it, the flight delayed for several hours as a substitute was found. 
What the pilot said was never reported, but the reporter who covered the incident told the Loser what it was and it was this: "I could crash this plane in my underwear."
That is, as we've all been painfully reminded, to true. 

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