Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On the phone

The Complete and Total Loser spoke to his aunt on the phone today. She turned 98 last week, and the conversation was a little disjointed. She lives three states away.
Topics included:
  • Fishing and skiing with Daddy in the late 1920s and 30s
  • She can't walk or drive anymore
  • She misses the Loser's mother, who died nearly three years ago, and another sister
  • Her youngest son's divorce from a "lovely girl," which the son said happened because she just didn't want him anymore
  • How blacks took her wedding book and a comforter that had been left her by an aunt
  • She has a four-month-old granddaughter who is named after her, making her the first grandchild in any of the Loser's relative's families who is
This aunt had an exciting past. Grew up fairly well-to-do (until the market crashed) and married rich. Flew in planes, went to Europe, lived in several states, all before this was very common.
strolling couple
We live, laugh, love, raise kids and work for a long time. Then we die.

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