Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Real losing

The Complete and Total Loser goes by his title because he has achieved so little in life. "Losing," in his case, stems from failing to attain the things most take for granted; a spouse, children, confidence. 
Today the Loser lost his job, which he'd had for a dozen years. Now that's losing.
He'd been living in the suburbs and working in the city. He kept an inexpensive bicycle in the city to go from the train station to work. Today, instead of locking it to a rack, the Loser took the bike on the train with him and ferried it home. He now has no reason to go into the city and he owns nothing in it.
This is the Loser's bicycle on the train. The attractive woman was reading "Boomerang," by Micheal Lewis.

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  1. Chin up, old man! Something splendid is sure to come your way!