Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The last half of a book

When reading a book, have you noticed how much more quickly the last half of it goes than the first half? You think it's because as you've gotten more involved with it you're reading it faster and need to slow down to grasp the author's intentions less often. 
Not so.
The reason it seems to go faster is that when you're reading a book, you measure how much you've read by how much of what remains you've gotten through. When you read the first ten pages of a thousand-page book, you've read just one percent of what's left. Hardly anything. When you read ten pages of the last hundred pages of that same book, you've gone through ten percent of what's left. Nearly there! you think, rightly. 
(This is more noticeable with paper books than with ebooks because they show you, consistently, what percentage of the book you've read.)
What's true in reading books is true with life and the time you have left. As time passes, you think: Nearly there!
Meanwhile, attractive rich women eat outdoors.

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  1. That is absolutely true! Well put!