Saturday, April 19, 2014

Now what?

It seems that the Complete and Total Loser, in his mid-fifties, is in his first relationship. He's not sure what this means or where it's supposed to go or where it will go. The woman involved likes him a lot and the Loser likes that she feels so full and happy when she's with him. She's the mother of four children, who sound like good kids, yet the Loser is important to her when he's with her.
The Loser likes the way he feels when he's with her. She brings out his better qualities. He finds her interesting and listens to her with an open mind. She likes his jokes. 
They're getting along well sexually, too, though the Loser's libido has serious problems. When it comes to sex, his mind is nineteen, but his body is closer to eighty, and if not for the Cialis he secretly takes just before she arrives ($8 a pill!), they wouldn't be having the degree of intimacy they're having. Honestly, it's not her, it's him.
A farm couple on a warm day.
 Major problems are that she lives in a house an hour away. The Loser doesn't see himself selling his late parents' house anytime soon and can't imagine her uprooting her life to live with him in a house that's too small for her children, the oldest of which is just fifteen. 
She's smart and knows all this but is happy to take things as they come. That's rare.

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