Monday, March 10, 2014

Why I love the Japanese

INTRODUCTION Series take off first girl selected carefully ! 's First naked not necessarily be monthly [ ( Hatsu et al.) First naked ] , for the name is the work of a good woman limited . The baking the beauty of the nude " first " of a good women , to deliver to everyone . As soon as erotic wear debut shock of the year up to run to the industry by the end of the year ! In " excavation Pretty Revolution " , all a big hit ! Of BAGUS, nay six past work in Japan wearing won the overwhelming popularity Ace of erotic world " Yano not summer " chan he was decided to nude showing off ! I be able to worship the figure ... naked to a naked outstanding summer chan odious system 100 cm G-cup bust , healing ! masterpiece of nude image that can be accomplished in 100% summer Yano not charm ... life-size also different is the complete and Chirarizumu of erotic wear . [ DATA ] ☆ NAME: Mika Yano ☆ Age: 21 ☆ BIRTHDAY: 1991/8/1 ☆ BIRTHPLACE: Tokyo ☆ BloodType: Recommended Movies B ※ 18 years of age or older ( nude image ) Contents ( " Kinemajunposha " database) Was particular about to take off first girl to " first naked " series , Ace Yano not summer -chan wearing erotic world appeared . It was bear fruit G-cup , a 100cm bust , figure stark-naked in the dew . Charm that is different from the Chirarizumu of erotic wear is full ! 
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