Monday, March 31, 2014

Having (middle-aged) Sex

The Complete and Total Loser had sex two weeks ago. He didn't have an orgasm, but he did manage to put his penis in his partner's vagina and keep it going for some time. She liked it, but she likes it more when he performs orally on her, which the Loser is happy to do, though he sort of wishes she'd cut her pubic hair shorter. 
A juvenile representation of a vagina.

The decades of lonely masturbation may have ruined the Loser for conventional sex. His penis, used to his own firm grip, has been desensitized. When she takes him in her mouth, it feels as though he's dipped his organ in a glass of warm water. When in her, he's not sure how much of him is inside, how much outside. He likes putting his fingers in and around her better. He can feel the textures, folds, little channels and moist passageways better. 
She lives in another state and is raising children, so their rendezvous are infrequent at this time. She genuinely likes the Loser, and he her, so there will be other attempts in the near future. 
Everywhere the Loser looks what does he see? Women!

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