Monday, February 24, 2014


The Complete and Total Loser has actually paid money to join a dating site. 
He's not sure why he's done this. The age-appropriate women there and in his league are sad and not very literate. He's heard from a few who may be viable, but in the near month he's been on the Loser hasn't actually met with anyone. 
That may change Saturday. A woman who seems as low key as the Loser will meet him for dinner after work. If she's the type who responds to non-needy types, the Loser has a chance. His libido is at a low and if she doesn't show up at the appointed place he'd be quite happy to dine alone. 
Last week, the Loser had lunch with two friends, both women in their 40s. He shot the photo below of a young lovely who was in the same place, eating with her boyfriend. You know something about eating on a bright day when you're in your 40s? You don't sit by a window like this girl did. The light is not kind to your skin at that age.
woman restaurant window

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