Thursday, December 12, 2013

He wanted this

The Complete and Total Loser wanted to be part of a couple his entire life. 
He wanted to fuck seven times a week in his twenties, four times a week in his thirties, three times a week in his forties and have that change to occasional, gentle, medication-assisted copulation from his late 50s on. 
But no. That basic knowledge of what to say to girls wasn't pre-installed in the Loser's grey matter, and he was too self centered to learn it on his own. 
He was so stupid he couldn't see that what he was doing would never work. Now, the Loser downloads books illegally from bit torrent sites about how to meet and talk to women. The advice often sounds silly to the Loser but the overwhelming motif is not: Practice. Get out there and meet people. Crash and burn, rise up; crash and burn again, rise up again. Repeat. 
In his mid-50s now, the Loser lacks the energy to do this and he is so far behind. He doesn't even know how to dress! He doesn't think about it as much as he did. The loneliness isn't a continuing ache now but a sharp pang, which hits him once a month or so. The Loser knows he'll never have what this elderly couple on a bench at a Trader Joe's has. It's too late for that.
elderly couple

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