Thursday, September 12, 2013

This music this morning

The most beautiful sound there is is the sound of the human voice but this morning the Complete and Total Loser's local NPR station had technical difficulties and lost the BBC news feed it gets daily from midnight to six a.m. and is all-Syria all the time these days.
To alleviate the dead air they played a little Handel. 
George Frideric Handel
Up to the early 90s the station regularly played classical music. Then the Boomers aged in and they realized that anyone with a CD player could play all the classical music they wanted whenever they wanted and it would sound better.
Still. The Loser liked the break, interrupted only by the nervous local announcer who seemed to fear abandonment. Hearing the music flow through rooms from his clock radio and the little radio he has in the bathroom was nice, the Loser thought.
More of us should begin the day that way. 

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