Monday, September 23, 2013

An open letter to American Negroes

Look at the little girl in the picture I took a couple days ago. She was eating french fries from McDonald's and had finished her Chicken McNuggets. Deep fried junk food. 
Look at the adults around her. Fat. The little girl is already getting fat. American Negroes are incredibly fat. Negresses call themselves "BBW"s, "thick," and "curvy" when all they are is fat. The men call themselves "husky" and "big" when all they are is fat. American Negresses have the highest rate of obesity of any group in the nation. 
Why would anyone let a child eat that kind of food? Don't tell me it was all that was available. I was there. There was a little store nearby where they could have bought her a normal sandwich and an apple. Even if there weren't, there are always places to prepare or buy those things and they travel well. 
Caucasoids may laugh along with fat black people and like the way they sing or something, but they won't hire them for good jobs. Everyplace I've worked where there are fat people of any race, the fat people call out the most and work the least when they're there. I once worked at a place where a man was so fat he broke five office chairs and even toilets. (He was a caucasoid, by the way.) Finally, his knees gave up and he had to quit, costing us all by requiring disability when all he had to do is stop eating so much and eating bad food. 
black girl eating junk food
A young Negress eating unhealthy food.
In the 90s, a Negress I worked with talked about how AIDS was a conspiracy, that it was a virus constructed by white people used to infect Negroes so they'd die sooner. Then this woman would go out and eat more curly fries. She was fat and had health problems because of it. How could she—or anyone —not see that the real conspiracy was to get Negroes to eat unhealthy food that cost little to make and was highly addictive? That this food wouldn't kill people so fast that they wouldn't keep buying it and also spending more on health care?
I don't believe that Negroes are dumber than other people, but they do get stubborn and make more excuses than others. Well, there's no excuse for not eating right and exercising more. None.
If you're a fat Negro, what you should do right now is stop bitching about how I've used the word "Negro" and take a good look at yourself in a mirror. Think about how you eat and what you feed your children. If it's not good food, change that. Today.

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