Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oh, for fuck's sake

The Complete and Total Loser has a dating profile. He's ashamed of this, a little, and he hasn't followed up on anyone who's contacted him for over a year. Cold feet. Still, his ego likes it when some poor woman reaches out to him.
It's a free site but they encourage you to upgrade it by paying. One of the things that an upgrade will let you do is screen to a greater degree. Every time the Loser does anything on the site, the page refresh suggest three women he "might like." 
The below is one he got today. Guess how she described her body type. If you said "a little extra," you'd be wrong. "Curvy"? Nope. She thinks she's "average." 
The Loser is a dishonest man, but even he notes on his profile that he's bald and crippled. 

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