Saturday, April 6, 2013


Why does the Complete and Total Loser hate scammers so much? He's referring to actual people who con others, not about the "lottery officials" preying on the elderly or Internet ne'er do wells. He's talking about small-time types like the man in the picture, who frequents his city's train platforms and tell commuters a hard-luck story of needing just a few bucks so he can get home. 
Really, it's not an amount that will ruin anyone's financial picture. You could even argue that he's providing a service by helping people feel good about themselves for having given money to someone who's not an alcoholic or a drug addict (though chances are, he is one of the two). 
There's just something about seeing it happen around him that raises his ire. Look! Someone's lying and breaking the law right there! 
He emailed information and the photo to the transit police. Maybe he'll be stopped, but there are many others like him and there has been since the first person with an ox cart began charging others to ride in it.
The Loser knows, of course, that if you're ever on a train or bus and have no money, they give you a form to fill out promising to reimburse them for the ride (he's seen this happen) and hope they get it.

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