Monday, December 17, 2012

Two Dating Messages

He'd be an awful spy, the Complete and Total Loser, as bad at it as he's been at everything else. Take this dumb experiment he's been conducting on a dating site, where he's presented a persona that is the opposite of him.
Every time he gets a message he nearly jumps on his keyboard to ask them out, forgetting for a moment that he's lied about everything on his profile and even the picture used isn't of him.
And get this response to two recent messages on the same day:
Woman #1 writes this:
"You are an asshole."
Woman #2 writes this:
"Love your profile. Straight and to the point. Refreshing."
Now, given that the profile is a fictitious one of a man who is the opposite of the Loser, you'd think he'd say something nice to Woman #1 and ignore Woman #2.
But no.
He writes back to Woman #1, this: "Well, you're fat, semi-literate and single, so I can understand your bitterness. I hope you can work through it and be happier than you are now. Keep trying! Never lose hope!"
Coward that the Loser is, he then blocked her from responding.
And he writes this to Woman #2: "Thanks, Krissy. Earlier today I got a message from another woman which said only this: 'You are an asshole.' If you were older and lived closer, who knows?" 
Does this make any sense? Nope. 
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