Monday, December 24, 2012

The Naked Lady

At times, the Complete and Total Loser has a reason to go through old stuff in the upstairs storage room and today was one of those times. His older brother wanted to know if the Loser could find any of his late parents' Christmas tree ornaments. The Loser couldn't (they may have been thrown out by his parents, who got unsentimental about things when they got very old) but he did find a box of things he had he thought were no longer around.
In the box was a postcard the Loser had put in a simple frame when he was in high school, in the 1970s. He always liked old pictures of nude women. They have a kind of gentle softness that the Loser finds appealing even now, and he likes the idea that they had appeal even though they were, probably, long dead.
antique nude postcard
This naked woman has been dead for many years now.
On the back of this card is a poem:
For every wound a balm
For every sorrow a cheer
For every storm a calm
For every thirst a beer.

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