Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Loser has a Dream

When you're at work or someplace else where you're trapped with people and the person next to you says, "I had the most interesting dream last night," you brace yourself for the most boring conversation of the day.
Listening to someone else's dream is like finding a page of an amateur's fiction that fell out from the middle of the tattered ring binder he carries with him everywhere. It has no beginning, middle, or end. There is no plot and the descriptions are poor.
Now you get to hear about a dream the Complete and Total Loser had a few nights ago, one of those rare dreams that lingered for days.
Simply put, it was that a woman liked him. A great woman, the kind he sees but never meets. One of those women you keep looking at to see if she has all her limbs or is horribly scarred from a fire or eventually says something batshit crazy. But she never does, in the Loser's dream, and she was so relaxed and funny, much more so than the Loser that when he woke up it seemed impossible that his brain could have created this woman. 
Interesting, that mass of goo in our skulls, isn't it?
A woman.


  1. She was dreamy. Not my type, though. Too icy. Not that I'd have had a chance in hell even if I were in the appropriate age range anyway.