Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This title's missing a verb

A book on Twitter in a used bookstore.

To the Complete and Total Loser, the title of this book almost says everything you can say about Twitter, but he admits that he's old and out of touch. Yes, he's seen a few good tweets from comedians reprinted in newspapers, but mostly he hears about it only when people send ill-advised messages that result in getting them fired, like Gilbert Gottfried after the tsunami in Japan. 
A year ago, the Loser's bad neighbor would tweet his work and school hours. The Loser liked knowing when he'd be able to live free of constant, distracting noise. The neighbor, who was struggling through first-year community college classes, stopped sending these messages after a month or so, favoring instead tweeting, "follow me I follow back," which seems to make up about half the tweets on Twitter.
It seems that these days many equate having their existence acknowledged with its being significant.

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