Monday, January 30, 2012

The Loser Moves

"It would be nice in some ways," the Complete and Total Loser said, "if I went home and found that my apartment building had burned down. I'd be rid of all the junk and I could start fresh."
He said this in 1992, just two years into life in his tiny apartment. Now, two decades later, he's at the end of a month spent moving and has just one day left. He doesn't see how he'll do it. The more he gets rid of, the more there seems to be. Objects requiring decisions ooze from closets and drawers. In some instances, the Loser has simply picked up drawers and emptied them into boxes he then tapes shut and labels sloppily if at all. 
He's too old for the endless trips down the three flights of steps and back. His left ankle is complaining. Will it hold for one more day? Suspense
There are more boxes than floor space in the Loser's apartment these days.

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