Saturday, July 2, 2011

Future Pet (Poem)

When it comes to liking the household pet
I’m good with cane- and feline.
But thinking of which one to get
I’m waiting before to choose mine.
The brave new world of gene splicing,
Should give more options for us yuppies.
It will be oh so enticing
To see litters of pitties and kuppies.
Half cat, half dog, that’s what I’ll pick,
A friend both loyal and mysterious.
The idea may make some sick,
I am, however, completely serious.
My Persian pit bull will climb a tree
And scare off all the bad guys
He’ll me-ark! and then jump up on me
And bloody both my thighs.
Or how about a golden catriever
To fetch my pipe and slippers?
She’ll purr and whine, a stress reliever,
I’ll feed her beef and kippers.
My cog or dat I’ll keep for life
My house will need no locks.
But I’ll need to find a good strong wife
To clean the litter box.

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