Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do you have class? (Poem)

Do you belong to the upper crust,
Or on C list and not A?
Blow on your specs, remove the dust,
And take this test, O.K.?
If you wear a sports jersey,
And sing "Happy Birthday to Yous!"
In the Social Book you won't be,
Hang on for more clues.
Is the only suit you have for court?
Do you lick finger to turn a page?
Chew gum and smoke, are you the sort
Who thinks Doc Phil's a sage?
Have you donned a nutria pelt?
Do you drink beer from the can?
At airports must you remove your belt?
Do you address your friends as "man"?
If this is true, you ain't Main Line,
But it's cool, just swell, you'll see.
When dead your buds will think it's fine
To paint car windows, "RIP."


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