Monday, March 7, 2011

The Loser, the kid, and walking

The Complete and Total Loser is a gimp, of course, but he tries to keep in some kind of shape. He's 5'9" and keeps his weight around 160, though it has gone up from that at times. He lifts weights, bicycles, does abdominal exercises, eschews sugar and red meat. And, being a loser and unable to get a real job, he works on his feet all day. 
So he's surprised how much faster young people walk than he does. Last week, as the Loser walked from a train station to his elderly parents' house it was a boy, a teenager probably, who was over six feet tall but didn't look like a jock. He was half a football field ahead of the Loser within a minute of leaving the station. 
female athlete
Today it was a girl. As the Loser headed toward the door of the slowing train he nodded to the girl to cut in front of him as she got out of her seat. Pretty, perfect skin, tight jeans and a U.S. Polo Association jacket. She went in the same direction as the Loser, which most pedestrians don't from this train station. The Loser, technically old enough to be her grandfather, resolved not to follow too closely as her feminine attributes from behind were fetching. 
He needn't have worried. The light, scissoring motions of her legs moved her much faster than the Loser, who tried to at least keep the same polite distance behind her without breaking a sweat on a cold late-winter day. She couldn't have been more than 5'3" and probably weighed around 110 pounds, but somehow she effortlessly kept well ahead of the Loser, who churned furiously behind her. 
He is getting old. And older.

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