Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Loser's New Goal in Life

It's important to have goals, the Complete and Total Loser has been told his entire life. Pick a target, make it your goal, devise a plan to reach it, and a time frame. Finish school by age W, get this job by age X, be self employed by age Y, retire by age Z. Achieve these things by breaking down the larger goals into steps with smaller goals, write down ways to reach them retrench when needed, adapt, revise.
The Loser, however, has bad management skills and zero self confidence. He has no friends or family of his own, and his parents are old and suffering with the agonies of advanced age. His brothers, both successful, reasonably happy family men, have enough to occupy themselves without being concerned about their younger yet middle-aged brother, who never quite saw things their way.
So the Loser, tired, defeated, has settled on a new goal, one he's sure to reach and, by all accounts, is well on his way to achieving already. His goal is to die without every really having lived.
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