Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to Lose Weight

He's getting fat, the Complete and Total Loser. He was fat before, and lost it. This was eight years ago. Now his weight has crept back up and he's had to loosen his belt a notch. His clothes don't fit. When he walks down the hall at work he feels parts of himself rubbing together. His aging knees hurt. Three flights of steps leave him panting.
overweight man on train
An overweight man struggles to fit in a train seat.
So much is known about weight control, how to lose weight, the right foods to eat. He wonders in his stupid loser head how he let twenty pounds of fat adhere to his never svelte frame.
He'll lose this weight. His motivation is high; he has so many strikes against him he can't control (bald, short, poor, crippled, bad personality) that this one thing he can control, he will.
When dieting he remembers the best advice about food he's heard in his life. It was in China, when he lived there for a year in the mid-1980s, and came from a Chinese man who was in his mid 50s yet had a physique he envied as a 25-year old. It is this: "Better always to be a little bit hungry."
A dozen years later he bought an early Arnold Schwarzenegger movie most laughed at derisively, yet it has one scene in which the future governor talks about eschewing comfort and luxury and how wanting to accomplish more makes you live life more fully. The movie is "Stay Hungry."

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