Saturday, May 12, 2012

Children's Letters to the Loser #15

Dear Complete and Total Loser,
I am a girl and I am 12. I caught my brother, who is 14, looking at really dirty websites on his computer. Should I tell my parents?

Dear Dawn,
When I was your brother's age I would have given anything to see what he's seeing now. All you had then were magazines and they showed little. When I was 17 a friend and I went to an X-rated movie (Deep Throat) and I finally saw what had been so hidden for so long. You'd think that would have answered all my questions. Oh no. Once you've climbed one mountain, all you want to do is climb a higher one. That's how it is with boys and porn and I'm afraid your brother has climbed that first hill at least and online it's as if he's alone in a pornography superstore. I don't, however, know if your ratting him out will do him or you any good. Your parents will blow up and maybe put blockers on his computer (good luck with that, by the way), he'll be furious at you and he'll keep on doing what he's doing. He needs to talk to real girls and know them as real girls soon so he understands that what he's seeing online isn't real and that he shouldn't let it form his impressions of what to expect from girls and women. Whether this happens or not is up to several factors only he can control. He may give up the screen for reality, or he may join the millions of lonely men, staring at women having sex on his computer screen while sitting in his one-room apartment as real women walk by on the sidewalks below. 
Your friend,
The Complete and Total Loser

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